New HowTo Hits The Road

Our mission at Practical Performance Analyst has always been to establish, build a strong Body Of Knowledge around SPE (Systems Performance Engineering). The Systems Performance Engineering or SPE Body Of Knowledge (SPE BoK) intends to cover the following areas - SPE processes, SPE tasks/outcomes and SPE deliverable templates. The SPE BoK is aimed at helping organizations build SPE capability required within their IT organizations internally and also to serve as a reference point for those intending to design/deliver SPE related work. Practical Performance Analyst has always been an open collaborative effort and the intention is to keep it as such.

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We Have Moved

It’s time to roll out the old and roll in the new. So here we go!!!!! We are glad to let you know that we have just moved away from our locally hosted wordpress website for Practical Performance Analyst to a high performance website hosted on Jekyll@Github.

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SPE Fundamentals Has Now Gone Live

Getting started with the migration was probably the biggest challenge but once i had the approach sorted out in my mind things started to fall in place. The documentation and blogs by other authors who’ve had to migrate from wordpress to github/jekyll really helped putting things into perspective. What was also really helpful is the wordpress to github/jekyll exporter by Ben Balter. Initial learning suggested that a 100% automated migration wouldn’t work so I’ve had to use a combination of manual effort combined with some automation.

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Getting Started

For the last year or so I’ve been thinking about moving away from the current Wordpress setup to Jekyll. Personally I’ve been using Wordpress for a while now and while i thoroughly enjoy working with Wordpress as a Content Management System (CMS) the overhead from a performance perspective and on-going running costs have been a big bugbear.

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