SPE Fundamentals Has Now Gone Live

Getting started with the migration was probably the biggest challenge but once i had the approach sorted out in my mind things started to fall in place. The documentation and blogs by other authors who’ve had to migrate from wordpress to github/jekyll really helped putting things into perspective. What was also really helpful is the wordpress to github/jekyll exporter by Ben Balter. Initial learning suggested that a 100% automated migration wouldn’t work so I’ve had to use a combination of manual effort combined with some automation.

As of the 14th of November 2017 I’ve managed to migrate the entire SPE Fundamentals section. You should now be able to find all the content from the SPE Fundamentals section at the new website. The biggest difference with the new website is that it’s simple, elegant, fast and has zero advertisements. However, what’s going to be missing is a lot of the wordpress related bells and whistles e.g. top articles, integration with twitter, integrated feeds with 3rd party SPE related websites, etc. but that’s the cost of moving to jekyll. The idea is to have a sustainable, elegant and high performing SPE BoK (Systems Performance Engineering Body Of Knowledge) and that’s what the migrated github/jekyll website will deliver.

Over the coming months I’ll be working on migration of the remaining content to github/jekyll. Only once the migration completes will i then focus on developing content for the areas where gaps exist across Practical Performance Analyst.

Hope you find the content here at Practical Performance Analyst useful. Have fun and happy hacking.

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