We Have Moved

It’s time to roll out the old and roll in the new. So here we go!!!!! We are glad to let you know that we have just moved away from our locally hosted wordpress website for Practical Performance Analyst to a high performance website hosted on Jekyll@Github.

The migration has overall taken a couple of months, stalling and then re-starting a few times. However are nearing the end of the migration with just a few sections yet to be migrated. Am expecting the remaining couple of sections to be done by the end of this year. Over the new year break I’ll probably spend sometime tweaking and polishing the rest of the website so if you pick up any issues please do drop me a note at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com.

The new website should be slick, simple to navigate, without any ads, with minimal graphics and super fast from a end user performance standpoint. The aim of moving to Jekyll was to allow me to focus on the content without having to worry about a complicated Content Management System (CMS) which at this point in the life of Practical Performance Analyst wasn’t really a necessity. Combine that with the fact that Jekylly@Github offers version control and use of VI to write code……life is now a lot more easier and possibly also a lot less complicated. I might miss the bells and whistles that Wordpress has to offer but what the heck, you can’t have your cake and eat it too i guess … :)

What we haven’t migrated though is all the articles at the older wordpress website. The plan is to have each of the the articles posted as blog posts at the new Jekyll website over the coming year.

So in summary, over the coming month I’ll be working on migration of the remaining content to Jekyll. Only once the migration completes will i then focus on developing content for the areas where gaps exist across Practical Performance Analyst.

Folks, if you pick up any issues with the content, please do drop me a note at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com. Hope you find the content here at Practical Performance Analyst useful. Have fun and happy hacking.

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