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For the last year or so I’ve been thinking about moving away from the current Wordpress setup to Jekyll. Personally I’ve been using Wordpress for a while now and while i thoroughly enjoy working with Wordpress as a Content Management System (CMS) the overhead from a performance perspective and on-going running costs have been a big bugbear.

The move to Jekyll will help in many ways. Jekyll allows for use of git to manage the content which makes things super easy. So gone of the days where i needed to login to the website and work with a WYSIWYG editor in a web browser to put together a simple page. Am sure there are many benefits of using a WYSIWYG editor however the comfort of using VI at the consle to knock up a webpage using simple markdown language in Jekyll trumps having to use a WYSIWYG editor in a web browser to put together poor performing code.

Over the coming weeks and months Practical Performance Analyst will move away from it’s current home on Wordpress to being hosted on Jekyll. Not all of the content will be migrated from Wordpress and that’s a choice that I’ve had to make given the functionality offered by Jekyll. It also means that we’ll be forced to focus on topics related to SPE BoK or Systems Performance Engineering Body of Knowledge which is what we’ve always wanted Practical Performance Analys to be.

So, if you encouter broken links or pages that have errors on them or content that doesn’t quite add up you should consider dropping us a note at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com with a brief description of the error. Your support as always is highly appreciated.

It’s going to be an interesting and challenging transition for us here at Practical Performance Analyst. Hop on for the ride.

Thank you for your support!!! Happy hacking!!!

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