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The number of vendors offering SaaS based tools has increased over the last few years. SaaS offerings today span from basic Infrastructure & Network Monitoring to more complex Application Performance Management offerings. What end users need to note is that the SaaS market place is constantly changing and evolving. Product vendors are constantly adding new product features, introducing support for new cloud, virtual and physical platforms and trying out different product delivery models that haven’t been tried before. There will be those vendors who succeed, a few successful ones who will get acquired by the larger giants and those who will unfortunately fail.

SaaS is definitely not for everyone and will not necessarily be a fit for every monitoring requirement you might have. However with growing number of customers adopting Hybrid Cloud Platforms (i.e. Internal Infrastructure + External Cloud Infrastructure) the adoption of SaaS based monitoring solutions is  bound to increase. SaaS does offer customers a hassle free means of monitoring their critical applications but what you need to be careful of is the long term spend and ROI (Returns Over Investment). For large infrastructure deployments SaaS might just be too expensive an option.

You can expect the SaaS monitoring landscape to change drastically and very dynamically over the next years. Provided below are some of the leading SaaS options with regards to Infrastructure, Network and Website Monitoring.

Vendor Area Of Focus Link
Apica Website + End User Monitoring Link
Alertsite Website + Real User Monitoring Link
Anturis Infrastructure + Network + URL Monitoring Link
AppFirst Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Boundary Infrastructure + Network + URL Monitoring Link
DataDog Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Copper Egg Infrastructure + Network + URL Monitoring Link
Logic Monitor Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Monitis Infrastructure + Network + Website + Real User Monitoring Link
New Relic Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Neustar Website + End User + Real User Monitoring Link
Pingdom Website + End User Monitoring Link
Panopta Infrastructure + Network + Monitoring Link
Ruxit Infrastructure + Network + End User Monitoring Link
Site24x7 Infrastructure + Network + URL Monitoring Link
Server Density Infrastructure + Network + URL Monitoring Link

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