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So What is Application Performance Modeling

Application Performance Modelling is the science of using modeling techniques to forecast application performance. Performance Modelling could be performed with several different objectives in mind, this could include, validation of the solution approach or solution architecture, validation of infrastructure requirements for a given solution approach and possibly impact analysis for change in business workload volumes. Application Performance Modeling can be performed using a combination of statistical, analytical and simulation modeling techniques. Unfortunately there are no standard commercial or Open Source tools out there for performance modeling.

You can learn more about Performance Modelling at Performance Modelling Fundamentals

Provided below is a list of frequently used tools for purposes of Performance Modelling. At this point this page includes just links to the various tool vendors or websites. Over a period of time we intend to introduce a summary of different tools, tool reviews including a short description of their strengths and weaknesses to help readers better grasp positioning of the relevant tools and frameworks within the enterprise.

Vendor Area Of Focus Cost Link
Anylogic Discrete Event Simulation Commercial  Link
JMT Analytical Modelling Free Link
IBM SPSS (Statistical Modeling) Statistical Modelling Commercial Link
Minitab (Statistical Modeling) Statistical Modelling Commercial  Link
PDQ (Queuing Networks) Analytical Modelling Free Link
QMPE Analytical Modelling Free Link
R Project Statistical Modeling & Data Visualization Commercial  Link
Statsoft Statistical Modeling & Data Visualization Commercial Link
Simpy Discrete Event Simulation Modeling Free  Link
Simul8 Discrete Event Simulation Modeling Commercial  Link
TIBCO SpotFire S+ Statistical Modeling Commercial  Link
Visualize-IT Analytical-Statistical-Simulation Modeling Free + Commercial Link

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