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So What is Application Capacity Management

Capacity Management is the discipline that ensures IT infrastructure is provided at the right time in the right volume at the right price, and ensuring that IT is used in the most efficient manner. This involves input from many areas of the business to identify what services are (or will be) required, what IT infrastructure is required to support these services, what level of contingency will be needed, and what the cost of this infrastructure will be.

You can learn more about Capacity Management at – Capacity Management Fundamentals

Provided below is a list of frequently used tools for purposes of Enterprise Capacity Management. At this point this page includes just links to the various tool vendors or websites. Over a period of time we intend to introduce a summary of different tools, tool reviews including a short description of their strengths and weaknesses to help readers better grasp positioning of the relevant tools and frameworks within the enterprise.

Vendor Area Of Focus Link
BMC Capacity Manager Capacity Management Link
CA Capacity Manager Cloud Performance Testing Link
Emite Capacity Management and Analytics Cloud Performance Testing Link
Metron Athene for Capacity Management Cloud Performance Testing Link
TeamQuest Predictor Predictive Capacity Management Link
TeamQuest Surveyor Automated Dashboarding & Reporting for Capacity Management Link

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