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So What is Application Diagnostics

Application Diagnostics is the process of triage of a particular issue to identify bottlenecks across the application. Application diagnostics solutions are designed to hook into the Application Container (J2EE or .Net) with the objective of tracing application requests flowing through the different components capturing the response time spent at each of those components. Diagnostics solutions tend to be generally used extensively during Performance Test and at times in production when an application bottleneck is suspected. The list of commonly used diagnostics tools is provided below.

Provided below is a list of frequently used tools for purposes of Application Performance Diagnostics & Bottleneck Identification. At this point this page includes just links to the various tool vendors or websites. Over a period of time we intend to introduce a summary of different tools, tool reviews including a short description of their strengths and weaknesses to help readers better grasp positioning of the relevant tools and frameworks within the enterprise.

Vendor Area Of Focus Link
AppNeta J2EE+.Net Link
Appdynamics J2EE+.Net+PHP+Ruby Link
CA Wily (Part of the Application Performance Management suite) J2EE+.Net Link
Compuware Dynatrace J2EE+.Net+PHP Link
HP Diagnostics J2EE+.Net Link
IBM Diagnostics tool (Free) J2EE Link
Jprofiler J2EE Link
JClarity J2EE Link
JProbe J2EE+.Net Link
Lucierna J2EE+.Net+PHP Link
New Relic (SaaS) J2EE+.Net+PHP+Ruby Link
Visual VM (Free) J2EE Link
Yourkit J2EE+.Net Link

GC Tuning v/s Application Tuning

Diagnostics tools are used to track performance of the application that resides inside the Java or .Net Virtual machine with the objective of identifying areas of contention. Modern Diagnostics and Profiling tools have the ability to correlate business transactions by monitoring packet flows across the various application tiers. This allows the developer, tester and performance engineer to go right into to the code to identify the bottleneck function within the application.

While Diagnostics or Profiling tools are highly useful at certain times there might be a need only for GC (Garbage Collection) optimization and tuning. For those among you who only need to focus on tuning of the Garbage Collection cycle within the JVM there are a whole heap of open source and commercial tools out there. Tuning of the Garbage Collection Cycle is an art and having the right tools to get the job done really helps. Provided below is a list of frequently used tools for purposes of JVM GC (Garbage Collection) Log File Analysis.

Vendor Area Of Focus Link
GC Log Viewer J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
Garbagecat J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
GC Viewer J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
HP Jmeter J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
IBM Monitoring & Diagnostics Tool J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
IBM Pattern Modelling & Analysis Tool J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
Plumbr J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
Jclarity Censum J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link
Verbose GC Analyzer J2EE GC Log Analyzer Link

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