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So what is Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management is the discipline that focuses on proactively monitoring the performance and availability of software applications by providing an end to end view of Application & System Performance. Application Performance Management recommends a holistic approach to managing application Performance and this includes includes monitoring of infrastructure performance & availability, application performance & availability and transactional performance & availability.

Most of the leading vendors provide monitoring solutions that provide outside in views (Transaction View -> Application View -> Infrastructure View -> Network View). Given the strength of different tools across the different tiers, the industry is moving (very slowly) towards a heterogeneous data-center that allows for integration of these different solutions across each of the tiers with an integrated dashboard having relevant views for IT & Business. These frameworks are expected to take a holistic view of the application with the objective of providing both the IT and Business views to the end customer. A list of the Performance Monitoring tools are provided below.

Different vendors tend to use very different terms and nomenclature for product. We have tried to standardize the terminology to the extent possible without diluting the vendors offering in the particular space. Here’s summary reference for the terms used below:

  • End User Experience Monitoring (EUM) - User Transaction Monitoring through packet sniffing or through deployment of tier wise local plugins that timestamp packets at every machine and build a profile of transaction performance
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM) - Synthetic Transaction Monitoring generally implemented using robotic transaction injectors
  • Infrastructure Monitoring - Monitoring of Computer, Storage and Network Infrastructure
  • Application Monitoring - Monitoring of Application, Middleware and Database Containers

You can read more on Application Performance Management at - Performance Monitoring Fundamentals

Provided below is a list of frequently used tools for purposes of Application & Infrastructure Performance Management. At this point this page includes just links to the various tool vendors or websites. Over a period of time we intend to introduce a summary of different tools, tool reviews including a short description of their strengths and weaknesses to help readers better grasp positioning of the relevant tools and frameworks within the enterprise.

Vendor Area Of Focus Link
AppDynamics Application Performance Management Link
BMC End User Experience Monitoring Link
Application Diagnostics Link
Capacity Management Link
Cloud Performance Management Link
Computer Associates Application Performance Management Link
Infrastructure Performance Management Link
Compuware End User Experience Monitoring Link
Real User Experience Monitoring Link
Application Monitoring & Diagnostics Link
Application & Database Monitoring Link
Correlsense End User Experience Monitoring Link
Fluke Networks Application & Network Performance Management Link
End User Experience Monitoring Link
GroundWork Infrastructure & Network Monitoring Link
Hewlett Packard(HP) Real User Monitoring (Synthetic Transactions) Link
End User Monitoring Link
Service Level Management Link
Transaction Monitoring & Tagging Link
SaaS APM Link
Hyperic Application + Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
INCINGA Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Nagios Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Nastel End User Experience Monitoring with Transaction Tagging Link
OP5 Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Opsview Application + Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
OpTier End User Experience Monitoring with Transaction Tagging Link
Pandora FMS Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Quest (Dell Software) End User Experience Monitoring Link
Application Monitoring & Diagnostics Link
Database Monitoring Link
Real User Monitoring (Synthetic Transactions) Link
Storage Monitoring Link
Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring Link
Riverbed Application Performance Management Link
Solarwinds Application + Infrastructure Monitoring Link
End User Experience Monitoring Link
Zenoss Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link
Zabbix Infrastructure + Network Monitoring Link

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