Shoot Em Up Kit


  1. Connect all the parts of the Shoot Em Up Kit.
  2. Code the micro:bit to fly dragons, detect lasers and score your player.


Step 1 – Put your town in order!

Step 2 – Attach your ring:bit

Step 3 – Connect all the parts!!

Step 4 – Code it up!

Step 5 – The real challenge – calibration.

Calibrate your dragon to make sure it’s flying back and forth in the sky and not face flat into the ground repeatedly.

Step 6 – Calibration Part 2

On to the light sensor. We’ve got to capture the current light levels and when a laser passes over, the sensor will alert the micro:bit that the light levels has suddenly gone way up.

Step 7 – Putting it all together.

Now we want to be able to stop the dragon when it gets hit and also score points!

Cool stuff!

You’ve killed the dragon. Now what? Add extra mountains, make it more challenging. Or write your own story, and see what you can do with your magical micro:bit!