Our Goal

Material Needed

Background Knowledge

Principle of Line Tracking

Hardware Assembly

Like the previous chapter, connect motors to port M1 and M2.
Using RJ25 wire to connect line tracking module to port J2 on Robit just as pictures below.


Microsoft Makecode


Step 1

Click Advanced in the code drawer of Makecode to see more options.

To program for line tracking module, we have to add a package. Find Add Package at the bottom of code drawer and click it. This will pop up a dialogue box. Search Robit, and then click to download this package.

If you get a hint that some packages will be deleted due to the problem of incompatibility, you can either follow the prompts, or create a new project in the project menue.

Step 2

The initial line tracking module port at the beginning of our program is J2(P15,P16). Set the motor speed of M1 and M2 to be 15.

Set the return value of the left and right infrared sensor to be variables: left and right. These variables can read the return parameters of the infrared sensors.

If one of these infrared sensors doesn’t receive any feedback(detected edges), the motor speed is negative, and the car will reverse. Randomly generate a number from 0 to 100. If it is below 50, the motor M1 stops to complete a right turn. If it is beyond 50, the motor M2 stops to complete a left turn.

If both infrared sensors don’t detect edges, set the motor speed to be 15 and the car continue to move forward.


You can refer to the whole program from the link here:https://makecode.microbit.org/_1mCg9TgVxJ5K

Or you can download it directly from the page below.

Note: Objects that can absorb infrared light are considered as black lines.


Once detected table edges, mBot will move backward to prevent falling down.



Relative Readings