Hacking & Making Tracks

At CoderDojo Docklands our aim is to ignite, inspire and create. We strongly believe that every child is a born maker, however it’s only through providing our kids the right environment can we aim to ignite those interests and inspire them to create, make and transform. At CoderDojo Docklands there is a strong focus on community, peer learning, youth mentoring and self led learning. There is a large emphasis on showing how coding, making and hacking is a force for change in the world and for transforming lives. Our environment at Coder Dojo Docklands includes offering kids/parents access to the right set of tools, development tracks, curriculum content, safe space to create/make and most importantly the volunteer/mentors who support the parent/child team all through the term.

We have moved all our tutorials and learning tracks to our Learning Management System (LMS) at KidzCanCode.com. Check out the website for detailed tutorials.

The following section offers more details on the content of each of the tracks. All questions, comments, input and feedback to dojo@hack2.live

You can read more about the CoderDojo movement at CoderDojo.com.

Tracks On Offer

CoderDojo Docklands operates slightly differently to most schools you would have been to or heard of. At CoderDojo Docklands we offer various creating, making and coding tracks which the kids can choose from depending on where they are in the learning cycle. However the kid/parent team works together and has the ability to move between tracks as they see fit. We absolutely encourage moving between tracks and trying out different aspects of creating/making. The Dojo will recommend course tracks depending on where the child is in their learning cycle and will support the parent/child on the relevant course tracks through the rest of a term.

The following courses are available at Coder Dojo Docklands. Please note that not all courses might be on offer every semester. So please do speak with the CoderDojo volunteers and mentors to confirm which tracks are on offer for a given term -

  • Microbit fundamentals -
  • Electronics 101 -
    • Introduction to electronics using the BBC Microbit
    • Introduction to electronics using Paper Circuits
    • Introduction to electronics using the Raspberry Pi
    • Introduction to electronics using the Arduino
  • Web development fundamentals -
    • Fundamentals of Web Development
    • Coding in HTML & CSS (websites)
  • Python fundamentals -
    • Python fundamentals
    • Python on the BBC Microbit
  • Introduction to Computer Science Fundamentals using Scratch -
    • Scratch Term 1 : Fundamentals
    • Scratch Term 2 : Fundamentals
    • Scratch Term 3 : Advanced
    • Scratch Junior : Playful Learning (5-6 year olds)
    • Developing Games In Scratch
  • Code Ninjas -
    • Code Monkey - Introduction to Coffeescript
    • Code Combat - Introduction To Computer Science
  • Minecraft Programming -
    • Fundamentals of Minecraft programming
  • Robotics -
    • Programming Makeblock mBot using Block Programming and Arduino IDE
    • Programming Makeblock mBot Ranger using Block Programming and Arduino IDE
    • Programming GoPiGo (Raspberry Pi 3 robot) 3 using Python
    • Programming Makeblock Codey rocky using Block Programming and Python
    • Programming robit the BBC micro:bit robot
  • 3D Modelling & 3D Printing -
    • 3D modelling using Blender (Planned)

Parents are requested to check with the team to confirm which course is being offered. Based on availability of volunteers we’ll consider offering additional courses

Access to all the course content at CoderDojo Docklands is offered through our Learning Management System i.e. KidzCanCode LMS. We use the Learning Management system to give you access to the tutorials and also track your childs progress through the term.

To attend the sessions please see the “Howto Book A Seat” section below. Our sessions are wait-listed and parents are required to request an enrollment using the “Register Interest” form link provided. Only once your enrollment is confirmed are you able to book a ticket through Eventbrite (ticket booking and administration). Enrollments are confirmed at the start of the term and is offered on first come first served basis. Drop us a note at dojo@hack2.live if you have any questions.